Choosing the right gym to train in is crucial for a number of reasons. Some people may say that ‘this gym has all the equipment I need’ or ‘it’s only X amount per month’. These may seem like valid reasons but I can assure you that these won’t be enough to keep you motivated and progressing long term. Finding the right training environment for you comes down to many things…

Location – Finding a gym that’s either close to your work place or home is vital. This is important because it reduces the amount of time that’s spent travelling to and from the gym. Ultimately this means that more time can be spent working out than commuting.

Equipment – It is a necessity that you find a gym that has the right equipment and enough of it for you to achieve your goals. For example, if your goal is to build muscle then training somewhere that only has dumbbells that go up to 30kg is no use. Likewise if you’re a marathon runner and your gym only has 2 treadmills then it won’t be the right place for you.

Staff – This is probably the biggest factor in my opinion. If a gym has a professional, well qualified and in shape team then that’s the perfect situation for a member. You will receive all the help you need from a friendly team that will make you feel welcome and comfortable in the gym. You will have confidence that you’re trainer or instructor will help you and support you in reaching your goals.
On the other side of the coin would you be loyal to a gym where nobody knew your name? Nobody greeted you at the door with a simple hello or a goodbye? Where the staff were unapproachable and ignored you? This environment is unlikely one where you would feel comfortable and want to stay in long term. You will be able to find out what the team is like from your first impression at reception and your tour of the facility.

Music and Atmosphere – These may not be what regular gym goers will look for but I suggest you do and quick! The atmosphere of a gym will have a direct impact on your own motivation when training. For example if the gym has slow love ballads playing do you think that will really drive you on through a heavy leg session? If the gym is bright, the music playing low, with only 3 people in then the atmosphere will be subdued.
What you want is loud fast tempo music blasting out the speakers with everyone around you giving 100% effort. This will create an amazing training atmosphere and help push you on to levels you never thought you could reach! With personal trainers training their clients, a packed studio and people training with a smile on their face is the ideal scenario.

Members – Everyone responds differently to those around them but most people want a friendly gym where they get to know people. Getting to know other members can have a very positive impact on your experience in a gym. You may meet a new training partner or make new friends in a class. These all contribute to you becoming more comfortable in your environment and gives you encouragement to keep coming back.