The 6 rules to building an impressive back:
They say that shows are won from the back and I tend to agree having judged myself. It’s all too easy to neglect muscles we don’t see or prioritise them enough. We often allow the mirror to dictate our training and focus on chest, arms and abs. The muscles of the back are roughly around 70% of your upper body so if you want serious gains then make a good back session a focus.

1 – PRIORITIZE . Train your back alone on one day, or at the most with your read delts. A hard  back workout is often too strenuous to pair with other body parts. However if you have limited gym time I’d recommend either pairing back with biceps or shoulder work.

2- TRAIN WITH INTENSITY – Learned how to generate maximum intensity, which allowed you to compress even more power into a shorter workouts with fewer sets and exercises. That takes diligent concentration and the ability to get the most out of every rep. If you can master this then you’re on your way to building a great physique.

3 – CHOOSE YOUR EXERCISES WISELY – unlike other body parts the back must be worked through perpendicular planes: horizontally ( front to back ) and vertically ( top to bottom ). The most important exercises for covering the back multidimensionally are weighted reverse grip pulls, barbell rows and deadlifts. I prefer to do lighter deadlifts at the end of my workout because I find that they sap too much energy, therefore the rest of the workout suffers.

4 – PYRAMID THE WEIGHT FROM SET TO SET . Every set must be mentally intense. Regardless of how long each set is, concentrate on the feeling of your back muscles contracting, extending and building the burn. I often go with feel when I train rather than following a training plan or competing against numbers I set the previous week. I have the experience to do this but for anyone at the beginner or intermediate stage I’d recommend starting with 12-15 reps then going all out in your last set, failing between 8-12 reps.

5 – USE FORCED REPS – After you have reached failure on your final set of each exercise, have your training partner or trainer help you with two forced reps. After those, continue with negatives of partial reps to fry every last twitch of life out of your range of motion.

6 – LEARN HOW TO PULL – A great back is a rarity, because its the hardest part of the body to reach with a resistance exercise. Simply pulling does not do the job, because the force has to first pass through the arms, shoulders and lower back. What you must do in concentrate the squeeze into that portion of the back for which the exercise in intended. For example during any chin ups, feel the burn in your lats and middle back. I often see people doing rows in the gym and it’s clear to see that there biceps and forearms are doing more work than there back. Mastering engaging your back is key and can take some perseverance.