About me

I’ve been a competitive athlete for as long as I can remember. Initially excelling in athletics, I raced on a national level but it wasn’t until I discovered weight training at the age of 16 that I fell in love with the pursuit of the perfect physique. I was fortunate to receive some good advice early on in my career so I know first hand the difference this can make when embarking on your own journey.

Relatively quickly I made enough progress to feel confident enough to step on a bodybuilding stage where I claimed the Mr Junior Scotland crown. A year later I managed to retain my title before taking some well earned time away from the stage to focus on building my career in the health and fitness industry.

2014 marked the defining moment in my competitive bodybuilding career. At the UKDFBA Open UK Championships I achieved a lifelong goal going on to win my Pro Card. Being only 1 of 3 people from Scotland to ever achieve this I then went on to compete at the world championships in Boston the same year placing in the top 10 in the world.

I have now worked in the fitness industry for over 12 years and I truly live and breathe the business. I place most of my success to my passion for training both from a personal and professional standpoint. I believe this passion is infectious and has undoubtedly contributed to my ongoing success as a trainer. I pride myself on my ability to get the most out of my clients (I fancy myself as a bit of an amateur psychologist), whilst also keeping the sessions varied and fun!

In May 2016 I opened Glasgow’s first boutique gym – The Club Gym. The Club is based in Merchant city and has some unique features including; a protein bar, cool lighting and a live DJ! The Club was inspired by some of the trendiest gyms in the world in New York and London. It’s something I’m incredibly proud of and you can find out more information about the club here www.theclubgym.co.uk


My future plans are to continue developing myself as a personal trainer and to mentor young ambitious trainers. We also plan to grow and expand The Club Gym in to other cities across the country.