Client Results

Gustavo Gonzalez, 32, Product designer


“I made the choice to train with Derek over 3 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Previously I was overweight, unfit and unhappy with my appearance. It was always playing on my mind and I knew it was something I had to face.


Over the course of the past 3 years Derek has taught me how to train properly with free weights and manage my own nutrition. He has helped educate me on all things health and fitness and I will always be thankful!”

Lee Steen, 26, engineer


“When I began my search for a P.T I based it solely on Derek’s physique, I’d never spoken with him but seen he was in great shape and knew that’s what I wanted…little did I know the wealth of knowledge I was about to inherit.


Derek taught me the importance of diet and nutrition, form, a plethora of new exercises and also self-discipline among other things. Not only were the sessions challenging but they were also extremely fun! As well as making sure he pushed me ensuring I gave it my all and got the most from my sessions there was always great banter to be had between sets.


Whether you’re just starting out your fitness journey or you’ve been at it for ages, Derek can help you with your own particular goals and expect some great chat as well as having your ass kicked in the gym.”

Calum Armstrong – 22 years old, mechanical engineer


“I cannot thank Derek enough for what he has helped me achieve. He helped transform my body from very overweight to lean over the time I have spent with him. Not only did I lose a large amount of weight, 5 stone to be exact, I have gained muscles that I have never seen before on my body. As a professional body builder, he knows what it is like to push your body to its limit so he keeps you highly motivated. I could not have achieved what I have without Derek and I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to change their life!”

Reece McEwan, 22 years old, MMA Fighter


“I started working with Derek in July 2016 and since then Derek has been an integral contribution to my journey in mixed martial arts. Derek has the unique ability to tailor diet plans towards high performance while managing to lose weight. He is always there for any questions I have and constantly drops in to check up on my weight when I’m preparing for fights and makes small adjustments with my diet when necessary. Couldn’t recommend him enough!”

Darren Marr, 31, PT mentor/tutor


“Derek is good looking!
His gym is good looking!
His colleagues are good looking!
His Mrs is good looking!
He made me good looking!
To become better looking, contact #delpro”

Brian Graham, 39, Owner of INOV8 consulting ltd


I work in IT, sit at a desk most of the day playing with a computer. I’ve always been quite skinny and ate pretty much what I liked without getting obese but after years of this routine I started seeing a wee pot belly, my posture was getting pretty bad and generally I felt a bit exhausted and mentally drained most days.


I had a few criteria when picking a PT. They had to practice what they preach, they had to know what they were talking about and be able to explain why we were doing something, I wanted to learn how to look after myself outside of the PT sessions so this was hugely important. I also had to be able to relate to this person who I was going to be spending a large part of my week with. After the first month of working with Derek I knew he was my man, this greek adonis of a bodybuilder with masses of knowledge and a great way of explaining everything. The fact he was only slightly annoying was a bonus 🙂


I had a few goals when I started with Derek. I wanted to get rid of the belly, wanted to build some muscle but I also wanted to feel confident in the gym by myself, look good by the pool on holiday, be able to comfortably wear a vest in the gym and get to 13 stone and still be lean.
Derek has hit the mark with each and every thing I wanted to achieve and then some. It’s not been easy, there isn’t any way to sugar coat the effort it takes. It’s a lot of hard work and it took me a couple of months before I understood the effort required each and every session to make the changes I have wanted for years. but Derek was there, every step of every rep egging me on, slagging me off, supporting me and making me work for it. We have continued to work hard and keep making improvements and moving those goals out. I’ve never looked or felt better in my life and at nearly 40 that’s a huge achievement.


Achieving so much in the gym has re-focused me in other areas of my life. In business and personally it has given me back a buzz I had lost for a long time. My business has never been stronger and the investment in myself has reaped great rewards already. I have no doubt I wouldn’t be in the same position had it not been for Derek. His knowledge, attitude, persona and approach are all first class and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Shelagh Armstrong, 25, Student


“Derek has been such an inspiration to me over the time I have known him.  He is an amazing personal trainer who really knows what he’s talking about.  When I first approached him for PT I had no confidence inside or outside the gym.  I had just recovered from an eating disorder where I had been obsessed with the number on the scales and hated my body. 


He taught me how to eat and train properly so I started building muscle which showed me that I can put weight on in a positive way.  I am now much happier with my body and my confidence has grown unbelievably over the past few years while training with him. 


I’ve watched him compete in bodybuilding shows, win a pro card and build the most amazing gym – The Club Gym, in Glasgow’s Merchant City 😉 – which has taught me that no matter what shit gets thrown at you in life, don’t give up and keep going until you smash your goals!


He has done so much more for me and I can’t thank him enough.  He’s an awesome guy and I hope to be even half the PT he is one day. “

Chris Goodwin, 28, local authority 


“I first came to Derek in April 2015 after becoming a dad for a second time. At this point I was really unhappy with how I looked, weighed the heaviest I had ever been and just got to the stage that enough was enough and it was time to seriously do something about it. I looked at several pt’s but Derek really stuck out as a guy who had honestly been there and done it when it came to creating a natural physique most people can only dream of achieving.


Derek and I began working together and my initial plan was to build some lean muscle and lose body fat which I did. After achieving this goal and dropping around 2 stone, I decided I wanted to start competing in bodybuilding shows and Derek has helped me over the past year build up a strong and muscular physique. I am now at the stage of beginning to cut in preparation for my first  Natural bodybuilding show in September 2017 and can’t thank Derek enough for what he has taught me and the support he has shown over the past two years.


If you are serious about getting in shape and willing to put in the time and effort required look no further than Derek. There is no radical diets or secret potions, it all comes down to hard work and determination but with Derek’s help you really will achieve your own goals.”

Eugene McClure


“Now where do I begin? I remember watching my first bodybuilding competition back in 2014 in Livingston. It was the UKDFBA’s first show up here in Scotland. I knew a little about training and tried to get myself into better shape, hence the reason I went to go and watch this show. It was in February 2015 when I first met Derek. I went and explained to him my aspirations.


I wanted to compete in a natural bodybuilding competition. In short, Derek gave me his undivided attention and mass of experience and knowledge to guide me to the level expected on a natural bodybuilding stage. It was June 2015 where I made my first appearance on stage. He was there every day and night for me when I had a question or query. He supported me through some tough times, which is inevitably going to occur over 5 months of prep. We succeeded as a team. Of course this is a service which I paid for.


For me though, the most important part of our relationship was when we had finished the competitive season and I wasn’t hiring Derek at this point. I still had a load of questions, queries, ideas and insecurities which a lot of people do get after their first year of competing. Derek was there for me. He never once ignored me or gave me any less attention. Again, every day / night he would be there for me to answer anything I had and offer his expert advice. This is what makes Derek the coach and friend that he is. It wasn’t about the money for Derek. It was about the service. He put his client’s needs first! This is something which is lost nowadays in the fitness market. There are PT’s everywhere who are just looking to make quick money and do not have their client’s interests at heart.


I again went back to Derek in March 2016 to prep for my show with the UKDFBA in July 2016. I successfully took 3rd place in the Men’s Novice category that year, which I hold extremely close to me. I am not gifted with good genetics or anything like that. Excellent guidance and coaching from Derek as well as sheer hard work gets you the results. Derek has been with me through my whole fitness journey, which I am proud to say I have now made a lifetime friend.


I will use Derek every year I choose to compete or if I choose to seek guidance for any future goals. You can rest assured, choosing Derek as your personal trainer / coach will lead to great things, if you put the required effort in. He will give his absolute all to you, all he asks is you do the same in return. The best bit, you will look sexy as hell and dominate life from then on in!


PS, the banter is also top notch!”