Just look at the title, go on?!

What does it say? It is a clear message to those who don’t have the time to become a fitter &

healthier parent. Make time!

I am a proud father of 2 beautiful children. I have a loving partner who is more or less finished completing her studies at university to become a fully qualified midwife. I work 2 jobs. Both of which
can easily rack up to 70 hour work weeks. Now I know what you’re thinking, this dick is looking for praise etc etc. In all honesty, it is quite the opposite. I am making it clear to those who lead busy
lifestyles such as myself that it is possible to get yourself into great shape and feel great about yourself all the while being a happier / healthier parent and partner. Just look at the photos! The camera doesn’t lie does it?


There is one thing you need to do to achieve this though, and that is to be passionate! If you’re not passionate then you will not see it through and you will half arse it and give up. The simple truth!
Now I lost my way ever so slightly in 2017. I had big plans at the end of the 2016 bodybuilding season. I wanted to have a year out of competing to get bigger and better to be able to compete
with the best lightweight bodybuilders in the UK. That all went a little sour. I had no real direction in 2017. I had a busy work life. I had a lot of hurdles in my way and basically my work life took over most things. Fast forward to around June 2017. I had booked a much needed holiday with the family for August 2017. I wanted to get into better shape for it. So I got in touch with Derek, my trusted coach and friend. We put together a short 4 week plan to get me in a bit better shape for my holiday. So with a plan in place and a focus to aim for I got to work. 4 weeks later I was in decent shape for my holiday. I came back from that holiday feeling great. I had the desire to get better and put a productive short off season together for the 2018 competitive season. It didn’t really get started! Again, my busy scheduled work life took over and I just lost my way again! Fast forward to January this year. I had enough of this negative feeling I had with my physique and the way I was. I wasn’t happy. I needed to change. So I got in touch with Derek again as I seen he was organising a photo shoot for some of his clients and it was scheduled for June 2018. I instantly wanted part of it. I came to the realisation that I couldn’t keep up with training 5/6 times per week. So we got a plan sorted that scheduled me to train 4 times per week. I work 4 on 4 off in my main job so it would fit in perfectly and I would work it round my 2nd job which is looking after drunk patrons who enjoy a fine wine or 10!


So I got to work immediately in the New Year. I had a fire inside me to become a better version of me. I wasn’t going to use the excuse of working constantly and doing 70 hour weeks. I used that as my motivation. There is 24 hours in everyone’s day.


Work = 12 hours
Sleep = 6 hours
Commuting to and from Work = 1 hour
Food Prep = 1 hour
TV / Social Media = 1 hour
Exercise / Gym = 2 hours
Spare = 1 hour


If I start work at 7am and don’t have time to train after work due to being a dad or helpful partner or other commitments, guess what? I’ll train at 5am! If I Can’t train at 5am I will train at 8pm when I’m done with work. It’s the exact same with any other shift. I make time to ensure I am making a better quality of life for myself. If I can’t look after myself how can I look after my family?
This is the realisation I have come to. Too often I have used the excuse that work has taken over my life. The thing that made me want to do better, is that there are so many others out there who lead busier and more hectic lifestyles than me, but can still train and achieve a healthy lifestyle. If they can do it then you can be damn sure I can too!


Derek is a massive inspiration for me and a big factor in wanting to become a success. I fully believe that if you put in the work and effort you will reap the reward for that.


I said at the start that there’s one thing you need to achieve all of this, and that was passion. Make it two things. The other being Derek Brettell. Get in touch with him if you want to become a better
version of yourself. The best investment you can make is investing in yourself!


Eugene McClure