These day HIIT training has become a buzz word in the fitness Industry.  It’s become hugely popular and its almost been hyped and promoted as a new discovery.  A lot of this can be explained by the mainstream media catching on to it because of famous trainers such as the Body coach.  More and more people are catching on to this phenomenon called HIIT training.  I thought it would be worthwhile exploring what HIIT training is, why its become popular and if it’s right for you.


What Is High Intensity Interval Training?


With so many different types of training and exercise out there, it is often hard to keep track of what’s what. High intensity interval training involves working out as hard as you can for a brief period of time, then following up with a short, less intense period of exercise. The theory is that HIIT can help people get fit and lose weight in a very short amount of time, but with any “get fit quick” routine, there are certain risks. Those who lead generally sedentary lifestyles and jump into HIIT without training their bodies for the intensity often experience injuries. I often cringe when I see HIIT classes with overweight people jumping up and down and putting huge strains on there joints. Basically you’re asking for an injury. As such, those who are just starting out should take things slow and progress to full intensity.


Reasons for HIIT Popularity


There are many different reasons why people choose HIIT over other types of exercise, but the top two remain evident. First, people today are busy, and they don’t always have time to train in the gym for up toan hour at a time. High intensity interval training can be done in under 30mins with as little as one bit of kit or even by just doing body weight exercises. What’s more, HIIT can be done at home if you’re really struggling for time.  I’ve designed many HIIT workouts for clients to do at home or in hotel rooms if they’re on the move.  I’ve found this hugely beneficial to keeping busy clients on track to achieving there goals.


Is it Right for You?


Although some trainers andtv advertisements would have you believe that absolutely anyone can jump into a HIIT program and succeed, the truth is that high intensity interval training is very demanding and it requires a lot of exertion. Just about anyone can get to a point where HIIT is very beneficial to them, but if you are generally sedentary and you are just getting started, HIIT might not be the best fit.  I’d recommend speaking to a trainer who can assess your current level and work out a proper training plan for you based on your goals.


Derek Brettell

Personal Trainer

WNBF Pro Natural Bodybuilder

The Club Gym Co-owner