Photoshoot Prep – Jason K

Photoshoot Prep – Jason K

I had been bodybuilding for years on and off with very limited success due to a lack of patience, consistency and bad advice. In June 2017 I decided it was time to look into being coached since I
obviously wasn’t getting the success I was looking for on my own. After doing my research I started with Derek in June 2017 with the intention of just improving my physique to a level I was happy

Derek had his work cut out for him with me because of my questioning attitude, impatience, busy lifestyle and old injuries coming back to bite me but he worked closely with me and managed to set realistic expectations which really helped. He explained everything very well and has a very relaxed approach to bodybuilding which rubbed off on me and very soon I actually started to enjoy my training again and accepted it would be a slow process.

Slowly but surely Derek figured out how my body responded to different types of training and diet and I began to see changes. Towards the end of August, based on my progress, Derek asked if I’d be interested in taking part in a photoshoot he was organising in his gym. As daunting as it sounded it also sounded good to have a proper goal to aim for so I agreed. The prep started in
November/December time because I was recovering from an operation I had end of September on my bicep tendon.

There were a lot of challenges up against us. My busy schedule, old injuries, recovering from new injuries to name but a few. Every step of the way though Derek was on hand to answer questions,
help me settle me down if I was feeling “flat” or de-motivated from the low calories but more importantly, adjusting my training and diet to suit my schedule allowing me to keep progressing.
There was nothing “one size fits all” about my plan. The diet and training routine was always evolving based on how I was feeling or if my old injuries flared up and training had to be backed off.
Throughout the whole process there were many ups and downs and challenges but Derek’s patient, steady and understanding approach to how I was as a client and to the end goal was invaluable and I wouldn’t have managed it otherwise.

When I started with Derek in June 2017 after years of training myself I wasn’t anywhere near the shape I wanted to be in. I was coming in at about 18% body fat and pretty shapeless. Due to injuries and recovery from surgery the consistent training and diet couldn’t really begin with Derek and I till January 2018. We’re now in June 2018 and I genuinely feel like I am in the best shape of my life with a body fat of 6.5% and actually looking forward to the photoshoot!