Work with me

  • Online PT £70 per month

    • Body composition analysis
    • Training plan
    • Nutrition plan
    • Weekly check-in
    • Monthly review

  • £180 per month

    • 4 1-to-1 PT sessions
    • Body composition measurements
    • Training plan
    • Nutrition plan
    • Weekly check-ins

  • £300 per month

    • 8 1-to-1 PT sessions
    • Body composition measurements
    • Training plan
    • Nutrition plan
    • Weekly check-ins

Online Coaching


At the start of your online PT journey I’ll carry out a full in depth consultation to review your current diet, training and lifestyle. This will allow me to put a plan in place which is specific to you and implement positive changes which gives us the best start possible.

Training plan

All of my training plans are specific to each individual. I will put a plan in place which fits in to your current lifestyle and around your commitments. I’m a father and a business owner so I know first hand how difficult it can be to fit exercise in to your week. I’m here to take away that problem and make your life that bit easier.
We will also work out a realistic timeline for when you’d like to achieve your goals. Once you’ve achieved your goals we would then look at putting plans in place to help you sustain them or start planning for the next challenge!


This is an area that often lets most people down. I will not only put a plan in place which accommodates “life” but I’ll also teach you how to be flexible with your diet and create good habits. We are all human and we all enjoy a beer or a pizza from time to time! However I’m going to put things in place which will allow you to still enjoy the foods you love but also keeping you on track towards your goals.

Weekly check-ins

Every week you’ll be required to check in with me with any information that is relevant to your goal. This keeps you in regular contact and also means that you’re accountable to me which will keep you on track.
However I’m also contactable by email daily if you have any questions or need that extra bit of support.
You’ll also be added in to my private online PT group where you’ll be part of my community of clients and have even more contact with myself and other people who are on the same journey as you.
At the end of each month I’ll review our results and make any changes necessary to keep us progressing in the right direction. However if things aren’t moving quickly enough I’ll make changes as we go.

Value for Money

This is not your standard online PT service. I pride myself on the results I get for my clients and providing a great service and support network for everyone that I work with. My reputation as “the guy that get’s you results” is important to me. As a result of this I only wish to work with a certain amount of people at a time. This is so I can deliver a better level of service than what others can and exceed expectations in what results you can achieve!

1-2-1 PT

Having delivered 1000’s of hours worth of PT sessions and worked with such a wide variety of clients, it’s fair to say I’m an experienced coach.
I still have a huge passion for training myself and my natural enthusiasm rubs off on all of my clients I work with. I’ve never been one for “quick” transformations. Instead I like to work with people who have medium to long term goals so I can make a real lifestyle change.
Rather than just delivering a 1hr session, I also pride myself on teaching and educating my clients. During each session I want you to learn something new and feel more confident. I also say to clients “I want you to learn so that you would feel confident going in to any gym in the world and know what you were doing”.

What comes with 1-2-1 PT?


We will have an initial consultation where we will outline what your goals are what timeframe you would like to achieve them by. I’d cover your exercise history as well as looking at your current lifestyle and other commitments. In this day and age time is often a big constraint so putting together a plan which slots nicely in to your day to day life is vital.

1-2-1 Sessions

This is the fun part! I’ll take you through a 1hr session in the gym. Depending on your goal it could be anything from weight training or conditioning work. The Club Gym is kitted out with the best equipment in the city which will help give us a huge advantage in helping you reach your goals in the shortest time possible.
To me it’s important that you have fun and enjoy the sessions! Although we are going to work hard let’s have some fun whilst we do it.

Training plan and Nutrition plan

When you’re not in the gym with me I’ll have you follow a training plan tailored to you. You’ll also get a flexible nutrition plan to follow. Both of these are reviewed monthly.

Monthly Review

Every month we will check up on how your getting on by taking measurements, pictures and taking your weight. Although this can be daunting for most of us, it’s vital to measure your progress and to make sure that you’re on track to get the results that you want.